Power Rankings

Week 9 OPR Rankings / Notes

  1. Scoops Ahoy154.81 (-1.11) [Last rank: 1]
  2. Lobster Beesk148.98 (+2.47) [LR: 3]
  3. Couple Screws Loose143.81 (-5.16) [LR: 2]
  4. The Undisputed Era135.74 (+1.36) [LR: 6]
  5. Brainbusters132.07 (-9.50) [LR: 4]
  6. Frank The Tank130.85 (-5.29) [LR: 5]
  7. 2 Feets In129.93 (+14.43) [LR: 11]
  8. The Pecan Sandies127.64 (-0.77) [LR: 7]
  9. The Meat Mavens123.76 (+6.83) [LR: 10]
  10. So Much Honey121.51 (+1.20) [LR: 9]
  11. The Resistance117.17 (-5.03) [LR: 8]
  12. Midnight Rider106.72 (+2.74) [LR: 12]


  • All movement in ratings and rankings is since Week 7, so it incorporates the last 2 games played.
  • Jay’s 6 game win streak (and 6 game 130+ point streak) finally came to an end last weekend with a loss to 2 Feets In, but his streak atop the OPR ranks continues. Even in defeat, Jay put up 127 points and served notice to the rest of The League that it will take an A+ effort to scoop up and sail away with a victory against Scoops Ahoy.
  • Meade and Mark continue their tug of war for the 2 and 3 spots. With back-to-back victories, Lobster Beesk is once again the soup du jour of The League standings, with his 7-2 record pacing the field and giving him a 2 game division lead with 4 to play.
  • Mark, on the other hand, earned a narrow victory in Week 8 followed by a not-so-narrow defeat in Week 9, causing him to suffer the third largest OPR drop over the past two games. That Week 8 win could prove critical down the stretch when Couple Screws Loose adds the nuts and bolts of their roster back from injuries/byes.
  • Vaf is 3rd in The League in points and moved up to 4th in the OPR ranks last with a Week 9 win over Frank, but still sits on the outside looking in of the playoff picture heading into the home stretch due to a couple of extremely narrow losses. In addition to overall point totals, Vaf’s consistency this year is undisputed, scoring over 105 points in each game since Week 2.
  • Back to back losses have shaved almost 10 points off Brian’s OPR and busted him out of the wild card spot he’s been narrowly holding on to. He has what he hopes will be a get-right matchup with Midnight Rider set to kick off in a few hours.
  • The last two weeks have not been kind to Frank the Tank, who took back-to-back 130+ point shellings from his opponents after a 4 week stretch of stress-free victories. The drop in win% is the main cause of his OPR drop though, as he has remained consistent in putting up point totals of his own — he’ll carry a 5 game streak of 106+ point performances into a pivotal Week 10 matchup with the Commish.
  • Jacky G makes the biggest leap of the past two weeks, raising his OPR by over 14 points and moving from 11th to 7th in the ranks. The two straight wins certainly helped, but the real catalyst was his 150+ point outburst in Week 8 followed by his 130+ point showing in Week 9 to edge out the red hot Scoops Ahoy. Reinvigorated, Jack has both his feets squarely in the playoff picture, currently holding the lead in the East.
  • The Commish failed to make any big moves in the ranks one way or the other over the past 2 weeks, with his .77 drop being the smallest change in either direction for any squad. Makes sense, considering he’s gone 1-1 since his trade with Olsen and has barely moved in the standings. He’ll look to get to .500 for the first time this year in his aforementioned matchup with Frank.
  • It looked like the Maven was dead in the water a couple weeks ago, but with the arrival of little MeEli maybe his luck has turned? Tony raised his OPR nearly 7 points but more importantly, managed to pull into a tie with Jack for the East with a 3 game win streak.
  • Cody may have sipped a bit too much of his own honey during the offseason, as it looks like he’s experiencing a heavy championship hangover. He managed to grab a victory in a must win game against the banged up Marky Mark last week though. Playoff mode has officially begun for the 3-6 squad — they’re all must-wins from here on out.
  • Our fourth 5+ point drop of the week is Ryan O, who seems to harbor a resistance to getting into the win column this year. During his 4 game losing streak, he’s only topped 100 points once.
  • Bringing up the rear is Nicky Diamonds, who actually climbed slightly in OPR but not in the standings. The clock on the regular season is getting close to midnight — will he ride a remarkable turnaround into the playoffs, or right into pole Anthem position?

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