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Week 4 League Power Ratings (LPR)

We’re now 4 weeks into what is turning out to be, well, one of the weirdest years in The League’s 18 year history. Corona has thrown the owners curveball after curveball through the first month of the season. Who has handled it best? The League Power Rating has the answers. For a refresher on LPR (previously known as OPR):

Basically, OPR, or Overall Power Rating, is a statistic that allows us to compare teams across all the different configurations and scoring settings of The League’s history. Rather then just looking at wins (which can obviously be impacted by luck) or looking at purely points (which doesn’t factor in consistency or managerial decisions such as playing a less volatile or risky player in a matchup you’re favored to win), OPR uses a formula to combine the two, as well as factoring in consistency, to give us a more complete picture of the strength of each team. The formula is 60% average points per game, 20% win percentage, and 20% consistency (comparing high scores and low scores). The League historical average for OPR is 126, the single season high is 173.92, and the single season low is 88.04. Teams who finished the season with an OPR above 142 won the championship 10 out of 20 times.

But before we get to the rankings, a quick congratulatory announcement is in order. With last week’s win over Cody, Big Tony recorded his 100th career victory!

Big Tony joins The Commish and BJC in the 100 win club

And of course, all of those 100 wins have come in the regular season. Congrats Ant! And now, to the rankings.

1. The Undisputed Era (LPR: 155.81) (3-1)

The Undisputed Era got off to the undisputed best start of the season, so its no surprise to see them topping the first edition of the power ratings. Vaf’s 3-1 start has The League buzzing about a return to form for the 3-time champ. Alvin Kamara and Lamar Jackson pace a dynamic squad, and free agent pickup James Robinson has been a pleasant surprise sliding into the RB2 slot. Calvin Ridley’s goose-egg last week was a stunning development and led to Vaf’s sole L of the season.

2. Down With The Brown (LPR: 149.55) (3-1)

After finishing last year as the runner up, Diamonds has captained his squad to a hot start out of the gates in his quest to finally hoist Ol’ Glory. One of only two 3-1 teams, Down With The Brown holds sole possession of first place in the Central. Josh Jacobs has led the way for Diamonds, who looks to also get blockbuster trade acquisition Michael Thomas into the starting lineup for the first time this week.

3. Lobster Beesc (LPR: 146.41) (2-2)

The reigning champ has begun his title defense in solid fashion, posting roughly the same LPR through 4 weeks as his championship winning team from last year posted on the 2019 season. Meade’s faith in first round pick Dalvin Cook has been heavily rewarded, George Kittle is healthy, and Stefon Diggs has helped push Buffalo to the next level.

4. The Meat Mavens (LPR: 145.97) (2-2)

After an 0-2 start, the Maven has bounced back with 2 straight victories to pull back to .500. How he manages the injury bug will play a big factor in determining whether he can stay this high, however, First and second round picks Julio Jones and Austin Ekeler are banged up, and the corona bug struck him, sidelining JuJu last week.

5. 2 Feets In (LPR: 142.34) (2-2)

Jacky G has had an up and down start to the 2020 campaign, alternating wins and losses through the first 4 weeks. Injuries have played a role, particularly with first round pick Davante Adams missing the last two weeks. In week 4 however, Joe Mixon and Melvin Gordon finally exploded, leading Jack to the week’s high score (which he needed every bit of to hold off Meade, and which also happened to be Jack’s all-time career high score; congrats to Jack!).

6. Brainbusters (LPR: 134.36) (2-2)

BJC has been another up and down team, putting up big scores in weeks 2 and 3 while being uncompetitive at best in weeks 1 and 4. Aaron Jones and Nick Chubb were the main catalysts in his two victories, and the loss of Chubb for at least the next few weeks will be a huge test for the Brainbusters moving forward.

7. Del Boca Vista (LPR: 134.22) (2-2)

Yet another team bit by the injury bug, Jay has been without number one overall pick CMC since week 2. Never one to rest on his laurels, Jay Hey and Del Boca Vista have been active as ever in the trade and waiver markets, reshaping the team in the absence of his superstar with acquisitions such as Devonta Freeman and Mike Davis to pair with Mahomes and ARob.

8. Frank The Tank (LPR: 133.34) (2-2)

Frank was hit hard by the corona bug last week, getting unexpected byes from Derrick Henry and James Conner, which he was unable to overcome. Thankfully for Frank, the tank should be a full go this week with his two starting backs returning to action. DK Metcalf has been electric as Frank’s number one receiver through the first quarter of the year.

9. The Knights of Ryan (LPR: 132.52) (2-2)

Olsen picked up wins on the bookends of these first 4 games, dropping the two in the middle. Zeke has been steady as ever for the Knights, Kyler Murray has been tearing it up on the ground and in the air, and recent acquisition Tyler Lockett provides a big play presence.

10. CARONIE (LPR: 130.69) (2-2)

After a slow start, Daddy Yankee reshaped his team by dealing away first round pick Michael Thomas for OBJ, Darrell Henderson, and Justin Jefferson. The trade paid off big time in Week 4, as OBJ flashed back to his Giants days and Mark pulled off the upset over Vaffy Kid. Mark will try and keep the ball rolling in Week 5 as he faces off with Olsen.

11. So Much Honey (LPR: 118.26) (1-3)

It’s been a rough start to 2020 for the Diesel. DHop, CEH, and Thielen have been solid, but have yet to truly erupt and splatter over the rest of The League. Cody clearly has potential, it just hasn’t materialized yet this year. If it does, Cody can climb up these ranks quickly.

12. Krazy Eyez Killaz (LPR: 115.91) (1-3)

Bringing up the rear, unsurprisingly, is The Commish. Week 2 proved devastating, losing Saquon Barkley and Courtland Sutton for the season to torn ACLs. Number one receiver Kenny Golloday also missed time. The Commish is the clear favorite to sing the Anthem this year, his week 4 narrow victory over Jay Hey notwithstanding. A rivalry matchup with Vaf looms in Week 5.

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