Power Rankings

Week 10 Power Rankings

  1. 2 Feets In (8-1, 126.5 ppg)  Last Rank: 1  – 16 years up, 16 years down without a perfect season in The League. Jacky G was dealt his first loss in nearly a year last week, snapping his 12 game win streak dating back to last season.  His 84 point dud marked the first time this year he failed to top 115 points in a contest, and ended his 5 game string of 130+ point outings. League sources state that Jack is quietly relieved that the pressure and publicity of the undefeated season has come to an end. Problem is, Meade is right on his heels in the Central.
  2. Lobster Beesk (7-2, 118.0 ppg)  Last Rank: 2 – Credit to Meade for not making anything easy on the defending champ in The Central. Lobster Beesk has won 3 straight and stands only one game out of a tie for the division and the first round bye that would almost assuredly come with it. He’ll look to keep the win streak alive against The Pecan Sandies in what would have been the game of the week if not for both teams being riddled with bye weeks.
  3. The Pecan Sandies (7-2, 118.1 ppg) Last Rank: 3  – A two game losing streak in weeks 6 and 7 had The Commish a bit worried that his 5-0 start would be all for naught, but The Pecan Sandies took care of business in Weeks 8 and 9 and now possess the largest division lead in The League. The Commish can lock up a playoff berth with a win this week.
  4. Meat Mavens (5-4, 125.6 ppg)  Last Rank: 4 – The Big Tony bandwagon continues to Eli Manning, as The Meat Eli Manning Mavens continue to carve up the Eli Manning like Eli Manning in an Eli Manning shop. It hasn’t been a fluke either — over their last six Eli Mannings, The Meat Mavens are averaging over 138 Eli Mannings per Eli Manning.
  5. So Much Honey (4-5, 123.2 ppg)  Last Rank: 7  – The season looked to be slipping away from Cody, who entered Week 9 on a 4 game losing streak before he erupted for 177.5 points. Just like that, So Much Honey catapulted right back into the thick of the playoff mix, leapfrogging Frank in both these rankings and the standings. It’ll be tough to repeat last week’s performance, but Cody will sign up for anywhere near a repeat performance the rest of the way out.
  6. CAN YOU DIGG IT? (4-5, 116.5 ppg)  Last Rank: 5 – The League can be a cruel mistress, and god damn has she done Frank dirty over these past three weeks. CAN YOU DIGG IT? has dropped 3 games in a row, with a combined margin of defeat of just a tick over 5 points. A couple of bounces go his way and he’s sitting at 7-2. Instead he’s 4-5 and currently on the outside looking in at the postseason. Frank has had a Jekyl and Hyde season, scoring 125+ points in 5 of his games while failing to reach the century mark at all in the other 4. He’ll need the team that showed up the last two weeks to stick around for the rest of the season and/or for the Fantasy Gods to pick another victim to return to the postseason.
  7. The Demon (4-5, 110.3 ppg)  Last Rank: 9  – If there’s one thing we can say for certain this year, it’s that The West is wild. So far, The Demon has managed to corral first place in the division even with a losing record, but this one seems destined to come down to the wire. A win this week against Olsen would be a welcome conclusion to the out of division portion of the season and set up The Demon nicely for the shootout that awaits in the final round of divisional play.
  8. The Wild Bunch (4-5, 101.0 ppg)  Last Rank: 8 – The Wild Bunch got  a lot of press these past few weeks as League analysts were bullish on the squad’s rest of season outlook. While that hasn’t necessarily come to fruition just yet in the points column, the only thing that matters is the W and Nicky Diamonds and The Wild Bunch pulled off the heist of the season last week by knocking off the defending champs while only scoring 87 points in the process. It wasn’t pretty, but it hasn’t been all year for this rough and tumble squad that ranks 11th in total points scored but sits tied atop The West regardless. The addition of the Big Ben gives The Wild Bunch a much needed gunslinger to lead the merry band as they look to pull of the greatest caper of all.
  9. The Knights of Ren (3-6, 118.9 ppg)  Last Rank: 6  – Bad luck killed Olsen in the first seven weeks, but good luck might have kept him alive one more week, as he was fortunate enough to square off against BJC’s abysmal 53 point effort in rivalry week to stay one game out of w ild card spot. Still, the Week 8 loss to the bottom dwelling KerryOnMyWaywardSon has The Knights of Ren on life support.
  10. Team Thanos (3-6, 110.3 ppg)  Last Rank: 11  – Jay managed to snap his 4 game streak of failing to reach 100 points in Week 9; unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to snap his losing streak, which now sits at 6 games thanks to So Much Honey’s 177 point outburst. Through it all, Jay sits only a game out of the division lead. If he can sweep the second round of divisional play like he did the first round, odds are Jay will emerge with the Western crown.
  11. KerryOnMyWaywardSon (2-7, 112.9 ppg)  Last Rank: 12  – Mark has sort of put up a valiant effort after an 0-5 start I suppose, but Lobster Beesk treated Mark’s playoff dreams like an unwanted pet fish and drowned them in baking soda before unceremoniously tossing their remains behind the backyard fence.
  12. Bri Wyatt (3-6, 94.2 ppg)  Last Rank: 10  – Bri Wyatt probably should have occupied this spot in the rankings earlier, but he managed to scrape together a few wins to stave off this cruel fate. After his 53.5 point showing in Week 9, however, there is no other option. BJC’s season has been a train wreck of epic proportions, beginning with Le’Veon Bell’s no show, continuing through the no shows of the Bri Wyatt’s entire roster in Weeks 4, 5 and 9, and punctuated by the trade for Rob Gronkowski, who has also seemingly decided to take the rest of the fantasy season off the minute he landed on the team (Gronk won’t suit up for Bri Wyatt until Week 12 at the earliest). Through it all, though, there is a faint glimmer of hope — Brian sits only one game out of the 6 seed. Such is life in The League in 2018.

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