The League 2020 Playoff Preview


Twelve embarked on this journey back in the dog days of summer, and as the seasons changed they slowly dropped from the picture as the leaves inevitably drop from the trees. They will get their chance again next year, the cycle renewed once more, yet for now they sit silent, piled up with all the other dead seasons that have come before them, cracked and withering. Yet 6 have stood the test of time, defied Mother Nature and whoever else wishes to knock them from their perch, and weathered the storm.

Father Time can not be pushed off forever. We all know this. 5 more must fall before the year is out. Getting this far is a testament to the resilience of those remaining. But only one can wear the crown.

December. Just the word brings to mind the spirit of Christmas, the crisp in air, the ever-shortening days. It’s a month that gives you beautiful 60 degree Sundays followed up by a foot of snow just days later. It’s a month that tries the souls of men, and a time for reflection on the year that was. It’s a time for closing the the book in anticipation of opening a new one, the words yet unwritten, as the calendar turns over once more.

Yet for a select few, December also marks a chance at new beginnings. A chance to strike back at those who are rushing to close the book, a chance to show that the ink is not nearly even close to dry. A chance to tell their own story. This December, as in the past 18 Decembers, 6 men have been granted that chance. The chance to pick up that pen once more, and to transcribe their names into the annals of League history where few men have gone before.

There are the overwhelming favorites, Vaf and Frank, earning a welcome week off due to their steady and consistent top of the line performances. Vaf is looking to rewrite the history books, his fourth title tantalizingly within his reach. Frank seeks to reclaim the glory of 13 years past, and to once and for all silence all doubters or baseless accusations of luck.

There is the defending champ, missing out on a bye but yet still poised and in position to strike, quietly posting one of the best seasons, looking to put the finishing touches on the rewrite of his career that has been years in the making

There is BJC, author of a title win long, author of post-season tragedy more recently, looking to erase his past mistakes and write over them with a tale of defiance, redemption, and, ultimately glory.

There is Daddy Yank, prolific author of tall tales, including fan favorites like “Algorithm Schmalgorithm”, “Boy in a Blonde Wig” and “Murder in the Fish Tank”. The works he holds most dear, however, are the stories of his two title runs, and if he has his way he can turn it into a trilogy in just a few weeks time.

And finally, there stands the Meat Maven, left for dead, but refusing to spoil or rot. The story of his postseason career, a tragic comedy, well documented. Perhaps this is the year he authors not only his first playoff win, but so much more.

There are still blank pages left in the book of 2020. But there is only one pen. Who will seize it?

Our first matchup of the 2020 postseason pits the East Champ Marky Mark against the last wild card, Big Tony.

Mark enters the matchup as perhaps the hottest team in The League, winning his last 5 games including a division deciding matchup against BJC in Week 13. He has the advantage in pretty much the entire tale of the tape, both in terms of this season and career. Now matter how its broken down, Mark seemingly has the advantage. But is there more than meats the eye?

CARONIE boasts one of the top WR duos in The League in Keenan Allen and Justin Jefferson. The Meat Mavens will be hard pressed to match their production, especially without Julio Jones. JuJu and and CeeDee have great names, but they’ll have to have more than that to make up the deficit on paper at the WR spot. At QB, the teams are fairly even, with both Josh Allen for Mark and Russ Bus for Ant providing dual-threat capabilities. Mark also seemingly has the advantage at TE and slot receiver. If there is an area for Ant to make up ground, it is on the ground. As of this writing, Mark is employing the questionable strategy of deploying two RBs from the same team in Jonathan Taylor and Hines. Ant has Ekeler returning from injury and the ascendant Wayne Gallman.

Ant seems to be up against it, but just ask Ant: in the postseason, anything can happen. Well, except for Ant getting a postseason win. That’s never happened. But there’s gotta be a first time for everything right? Right?!

A much closer matchup, at least on paper, exists in the 4 vs 5 game. While Meade has a 12 point advantage in PPG, Brian won the lone head to head matchup between the two teams and has seemingly had the golden goose on his side all year.

Meade jumped out to an early lead here in the Thursday night game, with Cam Akers providing a boost for him over Brian’s Cooper Kupp. Meade was at a disadvantage in the RB matchups coming in, with Brian’s duo of Aaron Jones and Nick Chubb posing a formidable threat. Now that Akers has gone off, Meade has evened the scales or even tipped them in his favor with Dalvin Cook waiting in the wings. Amari Cooper and Stefan Diggs get the nod at WR for Meade, while Brian has just Landry left to play. It would seem Meade has the edge there as well, and also in the QB matchup, where Brian will counter Aaron Rodgers with rookie Justin Herbert. The flex position might be Brian’s best chance to even things out a bit, where Mike Davis will go up against ascending but risky rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk for Meade.

Meade’s postseason title defense is off to a good start. But Brian has the firepower, specifically with his 3 headed RB attack, to pull off the upset.

It’s game time so I’m wrapping this up. Good luck to those playing today!

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