The 2018 League Championship Preview

After 15 weeks, it all comes down to this. 12 men set sail on the journey on that fateful late August day with dreams of glory and infamy dancing through their heads. And one by one they fell. Some went overboard during the early season storms. Others were forced to walk to plank at the midpoint, their wounds too much to overcome. One collapsed in on himself like a dying star, and more fell victim to the unrelenting toll The League bestows on all brave enough to step foot within. And now, in Week 16, only two remain.

This is it. Mano y mano for the right to be called League Champion, the highest honor possible in all of the known world and possibly the known universe. At 1:00, both men will enter the arena. Only one will walk out as champion.

In one corner, there is 2 Feets In, owned, managed and captained by Jacky G. The reigning champion, 13-1 on the year, his eyes set on becoming only the second back to back champion in League history. Goliath.

In the other corner, Cody Daily’s So Much Honey squad. His first championship game appearance, left for dead just a few weeks ago before an improbable turn of events resulted in him being crowned the East champ. David.

Its all on the line here. Jacky G, embracing the chance to make history, telling the world that “it would mean everything” to join the repeat champion club, reminding The League that he told them before the season began that he had “no plans to return the trophy this year”. With the weight of history on his back, Jack defiantly says that there is “no pressure. Preparation is key and i feel i do a phenomenal job with preparing my squad mentally and physically throughout the week. We will be ready.” He acknowledges, almost tongue-in-cheek, that he will need to finish against a “tough opponent” but that he puts no stock into all the talk surrounding the matchup. “We don’t really put any weight into those statistics. All i can do is make sure my squad is ready to compete.”

Cody, meanwhile, is out to prove that this isn’t just a damn show, this is a damn fight. He’s not just happy to be here. “It really means a lot, making it in the championship game has been a dream of mine for very long,” Daily said, “but the only win that truly matters is this week’s.” Sick of the hot takes from all the pundits, Cody went one step further, guaranteeing that he pulls off what would rank among the greatest upsets in League history, a 7-6 team taking down a 12-1 regular season juggernaut. “Good luck to Jack but it’s my turn to be on the Throne. I’m not worried about what anyone has to say, my team has gotten me this far and they will lead me to victory”.

The drama is there. The fireworks are set. All thats left is for someone to light the fuse. It is Championship Sunday. Let the games begin.

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