Quick Week 12 Power Ratings and Thoughts

Well gentlemen, here we are. 12 weeks of the regular season have been played, and 5 teams have locked up playoff spots. But even though only one playoff spot is up for grabs, there is still plenty of intrigue in almost every game on the Week 13 slate. 4 teams are vying for the final wild card spot, 2 divisions are up for grabs, and one of the coveted postseason byes is still undecided. Not to mention, 3 more teams will join The Commish, Cody and Jay Hey in the Anthem Bracket. I’ve already laid out the scenarios for the final wild card spot in detail, but lets just summarize it all again here for reference: If Olsen beats Ant, Olsen is in and Ant, Nick and Jack are out. If Ant beats Olsen, Olsen is out, Ant leaps Olsen, and and it opens up the door for Nick and Jack to take the final spot from Ant with wins of their own and leading the others in the total points scored on the year. 

Good luck fellas. I’ll have fuller write ups next week for the final regular season power ratings, regular season awards, and playoff preview. But just so you know where we stand heading into Week 13, here’s the raw LPR numbers through 12 weeks, along with the change in the ratings since Week 10:

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