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Week 12 Playoff Odds & Scenarios

With 11 weeks in the books, we have come full circle back to divisional play. Just 3 games remain, but 11 teams still have hopes to break into the dance. Lets start with the clinching scenarios for this week before diving into the odds:

Week 12 Clinching Scenarios

  • Frank The Tank can clinch the EAST with:
    • a WIN AND
    • 2 Feets In LOSS
  • Frank The Tank can clinch at least a WILD CARD with:
    • a WIN AND
    • a MiddleOfSpineHurts LOSS AND
    • a Koo Kupp Klan LOSS
  • Dear Leader can clinch at least a WILD CARD with:
    • a WIN OR
    • a 2Feets In LOSS AND
    • Brainbusters LOSS AND
    • MiddleOfSPineHurts LOSS AND
    • Koo Kupp Klan LOSS

Additionally, the Commish has clinched at least a tie for a wild card spot (total points would decide), and Frank and Meade can do the same with a win this week, regardless of what else happens around The League.

Playoff Odds

At the top, we should mention that 9 wins will guarantee a postseason spot. That means that if you currently have 6 or more wins, you control your own playoff destiny. 8 teams are currently at that level. 3 teams (Mavens, I’ll Show You Tough, Feed Me MOORE) are still alive but will need help. Only Olsen is outright eliminated.

It is possible, but extremely unlikely that a 6 win team can sneak into one of the wild card spots. A minimum of 8 wins will be needed to win the East and Central, and a minimum of 7 wins will be needed to win the West.

One final note, “Clinch %” below means the odds that a team will clinch a playoff spot without a point tiebreaker deciding it, and Tie % means the odds that a team ends up tied for a playoff spot with a points tiebreaker deciding it. Obviously, the more points you have the better your odds of succeeding in that tiebreaker scenario. Tie or Better % means exactly that, percentage chance you either clinch or tie for a playoff spot. Miss % is the odds you are eliminated outright without a chance to win a points tiebreaker.

Overall Odds

East Division

Defending champ Frank The Tank is in a commanding position as we enter the final 3 weeks of divisional play. While he holds only a 1 game lead over Jacky G and BJC and a 2 game lead over the Maven, his 2 game cushion in divisional record (and 300 point cushion over Ant) effectively means he will win any tie at the top of the division standings. For him to not win the division, his challengers will not just have to catch him, but pass him. In 75% of scenarios, he winds up winning the division.

Jacky G and Brian aren’t out of the mix just yet, but as mentioned they will need to pass Frank in the standings and that means winning out alone won’t guarantee them the division. 3% of the scenarios also see both of them tying at 8-6, with Frank losing out and points breaking the tie at the top. Jack currently has the advantage there.

Finally, the Maven ain’t dead yet! If he wins out and Frank loses out, he would take the East. That’s pretty much his only chance however given they points discrepancy.

Central Division

Out in the Central the odds are stacked a bit differently. Even though The Commish currently has a 1 game lead over Meade and a 2 game lead over Cody, his 1-2 record inside the division means that he will have to maintain that lead in order to win the Central. While he does so in 57% of scenarios, that’s still little better than coin flip odds.

Meade has a slightly less than 1/3 chance of making up the deficit and claiming the Central crown, but he does control his own destiny. However, if Cody can fight his way to a tie at the top, he would win the division based on division record, which happens in about 10% of scenarios.

Jay has been eliminated from the division race.

West Division

Marky Mark and Nicky Diamonds are tied for the lead out in the West, with a 2 game cushion over Vaf who is fighting on for dear life, but its Mark with the advantage at the moment given his 3-0 division record. All he needs to do is force at least a tie at the top of the division and he’ll win it without having it come down to points.

Nick will need to outpace Mark to win the division, but he also controls his own destiny in that regard. There is a 1 in 100 chance that Vaf can win out, Mark loses out, and Vaf and Nick wind up tied at 7-7 with points making the difference. Vaf would need to make up over 120 points on Diamonds to win there, but hey, it’s possible!

Wild Card
*Clinch/Tie% in scenarios where team doesn’t win division GB = Games Behind PB = Points Behind WC = Wild Card

As usual, the wild card spots are where things start getting, well, wild. The 3 division winners will take the top 3 seeds (with the top 2 of them getting the bye) and the next best 3 teams will take the 3 wild cards.

The Commish not winning the division and being in the wild card race is not ideal for anyone else competing for the wild card. Dear Leader has already clinched at least a tie of the last wild card spot and currently has a 92 point advantage. He wins a wild card spot outright 91% of the time he doesn’t win the division and is in a tie in the rest. He also has matchups against 3 of the other wild card challengers. Basically, if you’re not playing against the Commish you’re rooting for him.

The same is largely true for Frank, but not as clear cut. As Frank is a huge favorite to win the division, generally the wild card contestants should be rooting for him. However, for him to lose the division it would mean a pretty big collapse. In the 25% of scenarios where Frank doesn’t win the division, he fails to clinch a wild card outright in 60% of them. Basically, if Frank is thinking wild card instead of division, it means he’s probably been bad enough to let other wild card contestants jump or catch him. Unless you’re in his division you should still be rooting for him, but it might not kill you if he loses.

Mark is in a similar situation to Frank but worse, where if he doesn’t win the division he’s in danger of dropping out of the playoff picture entirely. In the 37% chance that Mark doesn’t win the West, he did poorly enough that he fails to clinch a fallback wild card spot outright in 95% of those scenarios, and fails to clinch at least a tie in about 60% of those scenarios. Rooting against Marky Mark if you’re hunting for a wild card spot is probably your best bet.

Meade is currently in possession of the 4 seed and the first wild card spot, with a 1 game cushion on the challengers chomping at his heels. Even if he does fail to win the division, he has a 72% chance of maintaining that lead. However, in 24% of the scenarios where Meade winds up tied for the last wild card spot, his points total figures to hold him back significantly.

Jacky G is one of 4 (5 if you count Mark) teams currently tied for a wild card spot at 6-5. He leads all those teams (except Mark) in points, meaning he is currently the 5 seed, however the lead is narrow over Nick and Cody. With the division setting up tough, his best bet to make the postseason is the wild card, which he clinches 36% of the time he doesn’t win the division. Another 35% of the time, he winds up in a tie for the final wild card, where he is well positioned to win a spot on points, as he currently is now.

Nicky Diamonds, tied with Mark atop the West but currently holding the last wild card spot, is in a similar situation to Mark where if he doesn’t manage to win the division means he most likely failed to win the division outright. He still clinches at least a tie in 56% of those scenarios however.

Brian’s odds are exactly the same as Jack’s, on the surface at least. Where he fails to win the division he still manages to clinch a wild card outright 36% of the time. However in the 35% of the time he ends up tied, he’ll have a bit more ground to make up in points given he currently sits 60 points behind the last wild card spot.

The Meat Mavens sit a game behind the 4 teams ahead of them for the wild card spot, which is of course a lot to overcome with only 3 games remaining and he has only a 7% chance to win a spot outright. While he has a 20% chance to tie for a spot, that number is massively deceiving given his current point deficit.

And finally, Jay and Vaf have near identical chances to clinch a spot outright, which is to say not much of a chance at all. Less than 1/10th of 1% actually. However, there is still a slim but not insane chance that they can pull off a tie for the last spot. Jay would be well positioned to fight for a points tiebreaker if it came down to that. Vaf not so much, but it’s not completely impossible.

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2022 Midseason Review / League Power Ratings

With lucky number 7 weeks of games in the books, we have officially crossed the halfway point in the season. In honor of the occasion, let’s take a look at the biggest storylines in the action so far before heading into the updated power ratings.


Way down. The average score so far is just a tick over 105 points per game, and we have just started hitting bye weeks. That would mark the lowest scoring year since 2014, the last year before The League moved to full decimal scoring. In fact in the past four seasons, average scoring has not dipped below 110 points per game, with a peak of 115 in 2018. This downturn in scoring obviously follows the notable offensive struggles in the NFL, which has seen a number of Hall of Fame QBs and projected top offenses fail to hit their stride in the early going.


Much to all of our dismay, reigning champion Frank The Tank is the leader in the field as we hit the midseason point. Sitting at 6-1 and averaging a league leading 120.7 point per game, the Tank has been, well, a tank. Until Cody mercifully knocked him off in week 6, Frank had won a remarkable 13 straight games dating back to last season, a mark that hasn’t been reached in the “modern era” and not at all since 2006. While that streak is thankfully over, he may have begun another one with a thrashing of Olsen the following week. The Kansas City Franks are on a bye this week, but still tough to count him out just yet.

Nipping at The Champ’s heels are long time nemesis Marky Mark , led by a fearsome rushing attack of Chubb and Ekeler and QB cheat code Josh Allen, and the streaking Commish and BJC, who both started 0-2 but have ripped off 5 straight since. BJC traded Breece Hall away right before disaster struck and Travis Etienne seems poised to break out, but the Commish has lost new addition Ja’Marr Chase for at least the next few weeks thanks to disgusting actions by another League member that will not go unanswered.


While Frank sits at 6-1 and 3 other teams sit at 5-2, the battle to the bottom rages on between 3 teams stuck in the mud at 1-6. Injuries have ravaged Olsen’s 1-6 Outatime squad, who has barely gotten anything out of stud receivers Amon-Ra St. Brown and Keenan Allen this season and had missed games and injuries from several other key contributors. Vaf’s Feed Me MOORE has also had some injury struggles, but the return of D’Andre Swift may not be enough to save him from competing for a second straight Anthem. And Jay, well, he’s just been plain old fashioned unlucky. Sitting 5th in total points (higher before a mediocre showing this past week), Jay has lost a remarkable three games by less than 1.5 points, and then had to relive the 111-110.3 loss to Nicky Diamonds over again thanks to Yahoo’s stat correction debacle a couple of weeks ago. At this point for these three teams, what’s done is done. IF there’s any hope at the playoffs and avoiding the Anthem Bowl, it needs to start this week.


While 4 teams sit at 5-2 or better and 3 at 1-6 or worse, 5 teams are in the thick of the race to stay above .500, which history shows us is the mark needed to make the postseason. Nicky Diamond’s Koo Kupp Klan is a popular betting favorite to emerge blazing on The League’s unsuspecting front lawn, one of only 3 teams above 800 points scored. The Central features two teams at 4-3 in So Much Honey and the despicable, disgusting, Lobster Beesc. Ant, The League’s lowest scorer, has been opportunistic to stay at 3-4 but has lost 2 straight. But my dark horse is Jacky G’s 2 Feels In squad, which is only 3-4 but quietly looks like one of the best rosters in The League with the return of Deandre Hopkins and CMC’s trade to San Fran.


  1. Frank The Tank (6-1) – 125.7
  2. Middleofspinehurts (5-2) – 118.7
  3. Dear Leader (5-2) – 114.3
  4. Koo Kupp Klan (4-3) – 110.7
  5. So Much Honey (4-3) – 106.2
  6. Brainbusters (5-2) – 105.0
  7. Lobster Beesc (4-3) – 101.2
  8. 2 Feets In (3-4) – 94.2
  9. I’ll Show Ya Tough (1-6) – 89.5
  10. Meat Mavens (3-4) – 85.5
  11. Feed Me MOORE (1-6) – 76.8
  12. Outatime (1-6) – 76.5

2022 League Headlines, Power Ratings, and Notes – Week 4

Well boys, we are officially in the thick of it now. The Draft has come and gone, opening day is in the the rearview mirror, and the first big test for the 12 League members has been completed as we head into October with the first round of divisional play completed. With three games in the books the season is starting to take shape, teams are contemplating major shakeups, and storylines are starting to emerge. Lets take a look at the major stories in each division so far, before we break out the League Power Ratings.


We start of course with defending League Champion Frank The Tank, who is off to a blistering 3-0 start in his title defense. Led by the feared Mahomes/Kelce stack, Frank has swatted away all challenger in the early going, gaining an early 2 game cushion in the divisional race. Frank has now won 11 straight games dating back to last season, the longest winning streak of his career and tied for the second longest winning streak in the last 15 seasons.

Behind Frank are a trio of 1-2 teams all struggling to break out from the pack. Jacky G is the only team in the division to top 100 points in all three weeks, but has just one win to show for it. After an opening week win, the Maven hasn’t been able to top 91 points in either of the next two. BJC will carry a bit of momentum into week 4, after he finally got a W last week and snapped what was an 11 game losing streak dating back to last year.


The only division without an undefeated team, The Central is certainly a bit murkier than The East. Tied at 2-1 each are Cody’s So Much Honey squad and Meade’s Lobster Beesc bitches. Meade made early waves in The League when he jumped out to a 2-0 start and accused other League members of being beholden to the Yahoo projections, while he himself has done nothing except start the highest possible projected lineup each and every week. Fortunately, he was smacked in the mouth this past week. Cody, meanwhile, has picked up where he left off last season, looking once again to insert himself into the playoff picture. After not making the postseason in his first three years in The League, Cody has reached the dance in 7 of the last 9 years.

Rounding out the bottom half are Jay and Commish, who made it there in very different ways. Jay is among the League leaders in points, but has been a bit snake bitten so far, dropping the last two. Commish lost the first two and finally came away with his first win of the year last week, but it wasn’t an especially impressive performance. Both teams made big trades with teams in the West this week, and hope to be Movin’ On Up in the standings quickly.


Pacing the Wild West are quite possibly the two best teams in the early going, Marky Mark’s Middle Of Spine Hurts and grand wizard of the Koo Kupp Klan Nicky Diamonds. Mark sits undefeated at 3-0, led by powerhouses Josh Allen and Nick Chubb. His team isn’t even firing on all cylinders yet. Meanwhile Diamonds has cruised out to a 2-1 start, the zero-RB strategy he employed in the draft working out to near perfection thus far as he sits second in The League in points scored.

Olsen’s Outatime might soon be outaplayers if the injury bug doesn’t relent soon. He’s missing three starters from the lineup this week in a crucial matchup with the Commish to try and get back to .500. On the plus side, the Tee Higgins acquisition looks like its already paying dividends. And rounding out the division is our most recent Anthem singer, Vaffy kid. After a narrow loss in week 1 that saw him score 130 points, it has been two straight weeks of poor showings. The Deandre Swift injury forced his hand into dealing for Jamaal Williams and Diontae Johnson this week in an effort to turn the tide on a ship that has lost 7 straight since last year.

And now to the Official League Power Ratings, 2022 edition. The League Power Rating, or LPR for short, is part of The League Historical Society’s efforts to compare teams not just today, but across the entirety of The League’s history. LPR measures average points per game (compared against the league average in points per game that season), ability to put up huge point totals while avoiding clunkers (high score + low score, again compared to the league average), and of course winning percentage. There are currently 194 individual seasons logged in The League’s database, and the average LPR is a nice even 100. Which is the point. So if your LPR is, say 110, that means you are 10% better than the average team not only this season, but in all season’s past. And if your LPR is 90, you’re 10% worse than the average team. The lowest LPR ever recorded is 69.6, and the highest is 141. The highest since 2007 however is 128.3. The ratings so far here in 2022

  1. MiddleOfSpineHurts – 125.5
  2. Frank The Tank – 124.1
  3. So Much Honey – 121.7
  4. Koo Kupp Klan – 119.4
  5. Lobster Beesc – 107.9
  6. Movie’ On Up – 99.9
  7. 2 Feets In – 95.9
  8. Outatime – 87.1
  9. Dear Leader – 84.6
  10. Meat Mavens – 81.9
  11. Brainbusters – 80.1
  12. Feed Me MOORE – 71.1


As you all know, there are currently three League members on death row for the crime of being terrible at fantasy football in the first three weeks: BJC, Ant, and Vaf. Their appeals have been rejected, and their executions will take place this coming Tuesday, at 9 AM, along with whoever else is terrible at fantasy football in Week 4. The manner of their deaths is TBD.


The 2021 League Championship (and Anthem Bowl) Preview

After four months, it comes down to just one day. Ten of the dozen who embarked on the journey back in September have found their ships sunk to the unforgiving bottom of the League ocean. As the dawn breaks on this Sunday, January 2, 2022, only two still sail on towards the goal of immortality.

No Thursday nonsense. No Saturday bullshit. No, these two teams are going to duke it out on the high seas, one will win, one will lose, and it will all go down on a Sunday. The Lord’s Day. As the Fantasy Gods intended. Time to go to church.

1. FRANK THE TANK (10-5) vs 2. 2 FEETS IN (9-6)

It’s a classic 1 seed vs 2 seed matchup in the Championship, but these two teams journeys to the top seeds were anything but typical. Frank The Tank came into this year with his eye on avenging his Championship Game loss to Vaf from a year ago, but stumbled out of the gates; he began the season 3-5, 4 games back in the East and fighting for his playoff life. Since then he’s run off an astounding 7 straight wins, the longest win streak in his career, not only catching Cody en route to a stunning division title but claiming The League’s best record and earning his 5th career Championship Game Appearance. A career 1-3 in these games, losing the last 3, Frank has an opportunity to join the exclusive club of multiple time League Champs and etch his name into Ol’ Glory for the first time since 2007.

While not quite the same turnaround, not many expected Jack to have earned the Central Division and a bye back in the middle of the season. 2 Feets In was a middling 2-3 through 5 games and 3-4 through 7 games, struggling to stay above water in a division with a clear favorite in BJC who raced out to a 5-2 start. But then Brian’s collapse opened a crack in the door and Jacky G busted straight through it, winning 5 of the last 7 to close out the regular season and earn the division title and the coveted bye.

Both teams are coming off tremendous wins in the Semi Finals, where Frank’s team, overrun by covid, still managed to defeat Meade and Jack pulled off on epic comeback in a shootout against the Meat Maven who has still yet to win a playoff game that isn’t against Mark. Jack is the projections favorite in this one by 10+ points but both of these teams are capable of putting up fireworks, especially now that Frank’s stars return from the covid list.

As he has all year, Jack will rely heavily on his stable of wide receivers: Diggs, Allen, and Waddle are maybe The League’s most explosive trio of receivers. Dak seemed to get his groove back last week, Aaron Jones is always a threat to drop a 30 point game, and Sony Michel seems to have grabbed control of the Rams backfield. It’s not crazy to say that at a time when most teams are succumbing to the war of attrition, Jack’s roster might be at its strongest its been all season.

On the other side, Frank is also in pretty decent shape after weathering the storm last week. Kelce and Ekeler return to their featured roles, teaming up with a red hot Josh Allen to give Frank the type of firepower to match up with or overwhelm anybody at 3 different positions on the field. Mike Williams returns as well, and Frank’s stash of Ronald Jones paid off big time as Lenny Fournette went down to injury. The wild card here could be Odell Beckham Jr., who might get the start over a limited Mike Evans. Either way, that decision by Frank could turn out to be crucial.

There’s been projections, predictions, and prognostications all week but only one thing is for certain: at the end of the day, The League will have a newly crowned champion. Good luck fellas.


11. Ressica Jobinson (4-10) vs 12. The Diamond Empire (3-11)

And now on to the real game. Just like the 1 and 2 seeds matching up in the Championship Game, the 11 and 12 seeds will match up in a scintillating Anthem Bowl matchup. Unlike the other game, this one was not much of a surprise as Diamonds and Vaf struggled to get anything going at all at any point this season. I could give you the rosters and break down the matchup and all that. But a) I’m running out of time and b) it wouldn’t exactly be a battle of the stars we’re talking about. I mean, these teams are here for a reason.

Vaf and Diamonds are both prior Anthem singers, and the loser of this matchup will join an exclusive list of multiple time singers. Vaf is looking to avoid the extra stain of becoming the first team to go from winning the title one year to singing The Anthem the next.

The Anthem Bowl has given The League some of its most exciting moments, and all we can hope for is that this game lives up to the hype. These two opponents have handled themselves with class all year en route to what seemed like an inevitable matchup and here’s hoping they are rewarded with one last bit of fantasy excitement before the year comes to a close.


2021 Playoff Preview

As the temperature falls the tension rises. A dozen men embarked on a journey in early September, their spirits filled like sails from a warm summer breeze. Quickly their path was beset from all sides by obstacles large and small; broken bones, torn ligaments, disease, and bye weeks. As the seasons turned, the voyagers faced existential questions of the type fueled by crises, and the only answer left unconsidered and unacceptable was “turn back”.

No, for these men there was no turning back, no returning to the comforting shores of summer. You see, these men had made a commitment, to themselves, to each other, and to The League. For nearly two decades The League has trekked out on an annual pilgrimage, knowing full well the dangers lurking beneath the water, for the chance of attaining glory.

Ol’ Glory. That was the goal. Is the goal. Always and perpetually. Sure, the gold that comes along with it is a fitting reward. But gold is fleeting. Glory lasts forever. And only one man each year gets to etch his name into eternity.

The journey, like all journey’s past, became a war of attrition, claiming waiver wire pickups and first round picks alike without fear or favor. One by one they fell, their dreams dashed upon the rocks of poor draftings or swallowed by the ceaseless waves of injury. Far from etching their names into eternity, they were consigned to the ash heap of history. Nameless, faceless, another victim of the seas. Fish food (RIP Lenny).

After 14 arduous weeks, the voyage has claimed half the dozen. The other half remain, battered yet unbroken, weakened yet strengthened, weary yet energized. They can see the shore. They can see themselves pulling up to the dock of greatness. They can see themselves jumping off their ship of destiny and claiming the ‘ship of The League…

And then the dream fades into a haze. They look around at each other and realize that to make that dream a reality, they must turn these friends to foes and toss them callously into the sea like all the others, ignore the calls of their drowning fellows and sail ceaselessly and unswervingly towards glory. Because there can only be one. The journey continues, but the battle, why the battle, has just begun.

The 2021 League Playoffs has commenced. May the best man win.

3. The Meat Mavens (8-6) vs 6. Pastrami Papi (8-6)

The Meat Mavens exploded out of the gates this year, screaming out ahead of the pack to an incredible 6-0 start, the best in team history. Since then, however, the wheels have started to wobble and the check engine light has come on. After topping 120 points in 6 of his first 7 games, Tony has only topped 115 points twice since, failing to clear even 100 points in 4 of his last 6. All of this has added up to 2-6 finish. Still enough to win the West, but more than enough to hit the panic button.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Pastrami Papi, who started the season 2-4 but, after swindling the Commish in a trade to acquire Alvin Kamara and Chris Godwin for a couple of lemons, won 6 of his last 8. He comes into the playoffs among the hottest teams in The League, after a resounding win over tormentor The Knights of Ryan in a win and in Week 14 matchup.

Ant jumped out to an early lead last night behind a 170 yard performance from team MVP Jonathan Taylor. Starting 3 RBs, Ant will look to continue his gains on the ground with Chuba Hubbard and Miles Sanders in the flex. Deebo Samuel is always a threat to score, but the main player to watch for the Mavens through the air is probably DK Metcalf. DK has been slumping, his downturn coincidentally or not occurring around the same time Ant started racking up losses. Metcalf hasn’t reached double digits in points since Halloween, and Ant will need him to regain his form if he is going to advance in the postseason for the second time in his career.

Mark’s squad is powered by his ground game as well, with Alvin Kamara, Joe Mixon, and ascending rookie Javonte Williams forming a 3 headed monster in recent weeks that propelled him into the postseason. Chris Godwin has taken advantage of the absence of Antonio Brown to return to a primary weapon down in Tampa, catching 10+ balls in each of the last two games. Pastrami Papi faces interesting decisions at WR2 and QB, where he currently has Michael Gallup and Jalen Hurts plugged in. The other options are Christian Kirk and Taysom Hill. Maybe the decision won’t be crucial, but these coin flips often turn out to be game-deciding in close playoff matchups.

Ant swept Mark in the season series, and this game is a rematch of his first career playoff victory from last year. Can Mark turn the tide in this matchup like he did on the season as a whole?

4. So Much Honey (9-5) vs 5. Lobster Beesc (9-5)

It’s a bit surprising to see Diesel have to play in the wild card round, considering his 5-0 start and finishing the season as the overall points leader, but a quick peek behind the curtains shows you why. So Much Honey has been ravaged by injuries, with season ending ailments to Run CMC and Chris Carson causing his ship to leak like he’s being worked on by an illegal masseuse. Still, Cody has navigated the deluge of honey like the experienced pro he is, swallowing the sticky situation whole and continuing to rack up numbers.

Meade’s season was tinged with controversy over his absurd roster moves regarding Mark Ingram, drawing accusations that he lacks integrity. While that is undoubtedly true, for some reason the fantasy gods saw fit to bestow upon him a playoff berth. Meade’s had some low points this year, but he managed to rack up wins, including wins in 6 of his last 8 to comfortably reach the postseason.

The early games in this matchup were not kind to Cody. Duds from Darrell Williams and Michael Pittman have put him behind the 8 ball, but a strong showing from Indy’s defense last night has kept him in play with his big guns still to go. Tom Brady, Cooper Kupp, and Justin Jefferson form an explosive aerial attack that can quickly put games out of reach for his opponents. Injuries have necessarily made this a top heavy team, as Cody looks to come out on top in a matchup of two guys who do most of their work from the bottom.

Meade got a huge performance last night from Hunter Henry to stake him to an early lead. Trotting out a 3 RB lineup typical of this year’s playoff teams, Josh Jacobs, Gaskin, and the returning Michael Carter form a hit or miss trio. The strength of Meade’s team is undoubtedly the Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams connection, and Meade will be looking for those two to hook up early and often to keep Cody at bay.

These two teams split their season series, with Meade winning last week to dash Cody’s hopes at the division title and a bye. The real winner of the series will be determined in Round 3.


Rest of Season Preview

After 11 weeks and a crowning of a new Survivor champion (congrats to Olsen), we have reached the precipice of the season thus far. The second set of division games that close out the season has historically been filled with drama and intrigue and this season looks to be no different. With 11 teams still in the mix and 7 teams within 1 game of a playoff spot, the last three weeks are shaping up to be season-defining. Lets dive in with a division by division breakdown of all the action ahead.


Current standings

Remaining Schedule:

Week 12: So Much Honey vs. Frank the Tank, Lobster Beesc vs. Ressica Jobinson

Week 13: So Much Honey vs. Ressica Jobinson, Lobster Beesc vs. Frank the Tank

Week 14: So Much Honey vs. Lobster Beesc, Ressica Jobinson vs. Frank the Tank

This season has not seen many teams pull away from the pack, but if there’s one team that fits the bill as a title contender it belongs to [redacted]. [Redacted]’s So Much Honey squad has pulled out to a League best 8-3 record and can punch a playoff, division, and bye ticket this week, potentially becoming the first team to do so. It’s even more impressive when you consider that [redacted] has been without number one overall pick CMC for a large part of the season.

But while it certainly seems like a near certainty that [redacted] will be headed to the playoffs just a year after singing the Anthem, the last three weeks may not just be a simple coronation. Meade has battled out all season to be within just a game of [redacted], but the tiebreaker scenarios mean that Meade will have to finish the season with the better record if he’s going to win the division. That means Meade will most likely have to win out, and hope Frank or Vaf can knock off So Much Honey in weeks 12 or 13 before Meade can stun him out of the East title and likely a bye in Week 14.

Things are even more difficult for Frank the Tank’s division chances. Frank sits two games back so he doesn’t control his own destiny and will need to not only beat [redacted] this week but get some help in Weeks 13 and 14. However, if he does manage to catch [redacted] in the overall standings, he’ll end up with the better division record and wind up holding the crown. A win this week is an absolute necessity though.

Realistically, the best chance for Meade, Frank, and Vaf (his only chance) to reach the playoffs is through the crowded wild card field. Currently Meade sits in the 4 seed and Frank in the 6 seed, but neither have commanding point total leads on any of the teams chasing them. Vaf is in dire straits, likely needing to win out to have any chance of the postseason.

While every game is important at this point, the huge potential swing game is Meade and Frank’s Week 13 matchup. A Frank win would hugely boost his playoff odds and pull Meade back to the wild card pack, while the opposite result could spell doom for the Tank and seal up a postseason berth for Meade.


Current standings

Remaining Schedule:

Week 12: 2 Feets In vs Brainbusters, Trader Jay’s vs Diamond Empire

Week 13: 2 Feets In vs. Diamond Empire, Trader Jay’s vs Brainbusters

Week 14: 2 Feets In vs Trader Jay’s, Brainbusters vs Diamond Empire

No division has taken a bigger hit in the last few weeks than the Central, with every team entering the final division slate off a loss and 3 of the 4 teams licking their wounds off 3+ straight losses. While the past month has certainly not been kind, Jacky G’s 2 Feets In squad came out of the storm with a slim 1 game division lead. The division’s current point leader with a strong 2-1 division record, Jack is certainly in a position to capitalize and make the postseason the easy way.

Right on his heels though is the free falling Brainbusters squad, that early on looked like a legitimate title contender before Derrick Henry’s injury sent him spiraling on a 4 game losing streak, dropping him not only out of the division lead but currently out of a playoff spot entirely. Henry is not expected to return before the end of the regular season, so Brian will have to find some way to plug the holes in this sinking ship if he wants to take advantage of his thus far pristine 3-0 division record and fight back into the Central’s top spot.

Also only a game behind is Trader Jay’s, but the one game deficit hides the fact that the climb is quite a bit steeper than that. Jay’s 1-2 division record and points deficit to the other two contending teams likely requires him to win out in order to claim the top division spot. All 3 teams also have the wild card route, which promises to be filled with even more chaos.

Plus, while they may thing the eliminated Diamonds gas nothing left to play for except to play spoiler, there is still the chance Diamonds can climb out of the 12 or 11 spots into the Anthem Bowl and position himself much better while dragging the rest of the division down into the muck with him.

The biggest game to watch as of right now is this week’s Jack vs Brian matchup. Jack can gain an effective two game lead in the division race (literally over Brian, while the tiebreaker advantage over Jay will be big even if he pulls off a win). Meanwhile Brian can climb back into the top spot with a win while giving himself a 2 game lead in division record over everyone else in the division. That game will tell us a lot about how the rest of the season will shake out in The Central.


Current standings

Week 12: Meat Mavens vs Pastrami Papi, Knights of Ryan vs Bishop Sycamore

Week 13: Meat Mavens vs Knights of Ryan, Pastrami Papi vs Bishop Sycamore

Week 14: Meat Mavens vs Bishop Sycamore, Pastrami Papi vs Knights of Ryan

The West is yet another division that’s tough to navigate, but can gain some major clarity depending on this weekends outcomes. The Meat Mavens have struggled as of late, at least compared to their hot start, but enter the final 3 games with a 1 game lead over Pastrami Papi and a 2 game lead over the other two teams. The Maven can clinch the division with a win this week and a Commish loss, but if one of those two outcomes don’t happen things get a whole lot trickier.

Mark needs a win this weekend to stay alive in the divisional race, but a loss this weekend won’t kill his overall playoff chances. But with two teams in his division a game behind him, not to mention the other two 5-6 teams in the Central and fellow 6-5 teams Frank the Tank and 2 Feets In, a loss this weekend will make it much harder for him to stay above the playoff water.

Olsen and the Commish’s matchup is another huge one for both clubs, with their playoff fates likely hanging in the balance. Olsen’s point total gives him a better chance to withstand a loss but also eliminates any margin for error or control of his own destiny, while the Commish’s low point total means he would likely need to finish clearly ahead in the standings or else put up monster point totals the final two weeks. While Olsen’s division record means he has to win out and have Ant lose out to win the division, the Commish’s clearest path to the playoffs is through the division, by winning out and having Ant drop a game this weekend or next, setting up a winner take all matchup for the division title in Week 14.

But it all comes down to this weekend’s games. Let the chaos begin.

Oh, and fuck off Cody.


2021 Week 4 League Power Ratings

LPR, or League Power Rating, has been updated this season to be easier to follow and give us a better view of how our current teams stack up against not only the rest of The League but other teams in The League’s storied history. LPR measures average points per game (compared against the league average in points per game that season), ability to put up huge point totals while avoiding clunkers (high score + low score, again compared to the league average), and of course winning percentage. There are currently 182 individual seasons logged in The League’s database, and the average LPR is a nice even 100. Which is the point. So if your LPR is, say 110, that means you are 10% better than the average team not only this season, but in all season’s past. And if your LPR is 90, you’re 10% worse than the average team. The lowest LPR ever recorded is 69.6, and the highest is 141. The highest since 2007 however is 128.3. And now, on to the ratings.

  1. So Much Honey – 132.8 LPR (4-0)

Not much of a surprise at the top of the list, as our most recent Anthem singer has exploded out of the gate so fast that it caught even the quickest masseuses by surprise. Undaunted by an early CMC injury, Cody has continued to stack together wins on the backs of a Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson led receiving core. Another challenge awaits though as a Chris Carson injury leaves him hurting once again and hoping he didn’t blow his load too early, which would certainly put him once again in a bit of a sticky situation that a wet hand towel certainly can’t handle.

2. Brainbusters – 125.5 LPR (3-1)

After a scorching hot start, BJC got brought down to earth a bit last week, as rival Olsen handed him his first loss of the season. Still, things look promising for Brian. He has yet to put up less than 117 points in a game this season, and Derrick Henry once again has League owners questioning how they ever passed on him in the draft. A huge matchup with our next team looms this week.

3. The Meat Mavens – 125.4 LPR (4-0)

The Maven has yet to lose, but he checks in a hair under BJC in the first rankings of the year. He’ll have a chance to flip that and possibly more this week, as he looks to hand the Bri Guy his second loss in as many weeks and jump out to his first career 5-0 start. It will be tough sledding however, as he was dealt a huge blow with the loss of Russell Wilson in Thursday night’s matchup. Thankfully for him DK Metcalf didn’t seem to give a damn who was playing QB, he just continued catching TDs.

4. 2 Feets In – 109.4 LPR (2-2)

Shockingly enough, that’s the end of the teams with winning records. Jack has been up and down this season, and is also affected by the Russ Bus injury that would certainly seem to limit Tyler Lockett’s potential. But with Diggs, Keenan, and Aaron Jones, Jack has plenty of firepower to dance a 2 step with any of The League’s teams. The winless Ressica Jobinson awaits.

5. Pastrami Papi – 102.5 LPR (2-2)

After an 0-2 start and 2 name changes, Marky Mark finally seems to have hit on the winning formula. Jewish meat sweats on rye has gotten Pastrami Papi out of the cellar and right back into the thick of things with 2 straight victories, the last one over arch rival Frank. NFC East counterparts Terry McLaurin and Zeke Elliot have led the way, and Mark will keep putting out a kosher spread so long as Zeke keeps eating like this.

6. Bishop Sycamore – 102.1 (2-2)

The Commish and Pastrami seem to be on different tracks, as Marky Mark’s rise has coincided with the Commish’s fall. Losing 2 straight and failing to reach the century mark in each, Bishop Sycamore has been left searching for answers to just what’s gone wrong. DeAndre Hopkins getting over his rib injury would be a good start, but the injury to David Montgomery certainly doesn’t help matters.

7. Frank The Tank – 97.6 LPR (2-2)

After winning 2 straight to get above .500, Frank’s team curiously no showed in a big rivalry matchup with Mark in Week 4. He’s hoping his matchup with Olsen this week will prove to be a get right game, with Josh Allen and Travis Kelce poised for a good old fashioned Kansas City shootout. Maybe Mike Evans and new addition Dalton Schultz can ship in as well in the rare but always fun double TE roster setup.

8. Lobster Beesc – 97.0 LPR (2-2)

Meade has definitely flown under the radar this year but he still sits at .500 and right in the thick of things. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams pose a blow up threat every week, and Darren Waller is as steady as it gets at TE, but he needs more consistency from the rest of the roster if he’s going to compete for more than table scraps this season.

9. The Knights of Ryan 89.1 LPR (1-3)

Olsen managed to grab a must win victory over one of The League’s early season favorites last week, avoiding the dreaded 0-4 start and gaining some momentum heading into another tough matchup with Frank the Tank. Justin Herbert is proving last year was no fluke, and Tyreek Hill got back to his explosive ways just in time to save Olsen’s season.

10. The Diamond Empire – 75.7 LPR (1-3)

Speaking of getting up off the mat, The Diamond Empire also grabbed their first win of the year last week behind a comeback game from Saquon Barkley. He’ll be missing Calvin Ridley this week, but that could just mean more work for fellow Falcons Mike Davis and Kyle Pitts as Atlanta heads over to foggy old London Town for a matchup with the Jets. Can Nick expand the Empire to Britain and enjoy some tea and crumpets at Cody’s expense (hold the honey please)?

11. Ressica Jobinson – 73.7 LPR (0-4)

Surprisingly enough, Ribby Raf does not sit in the cellar in the first Power Ratings, winless though he may be. That’s probably not much consolation though, as the defensing champ has looked rather defenseless in the early going and his season (and the Trophy) are in danger of slipping away from him.He got a much needed big game out of Robert Woods on Thursday, but he’ll need the rest of the gang including Lamar and Nick Chubb to show up if he’s going to take down Jack to grab his first win of the season.

12. Trader Jay’s – 70.6 LPR (1-3)

It would have been a bit of a shock in League circles if you had said Jay would be sitting at last in the Power Ratings after his stellar opening week showing, but here we are. Jay has dropped 3 straight and looked fairly uncompetitive doing so, failing to top 82 points in any of the outings. He’ll square off with a similarly reeling Bishop Sycamore squad this week, and AJ Brown has been given the green light, so maybe this is just the matchup Trader Jay and Dalvin Cook need to right the ship. Either way, Jay is 2 for 2 on team names this year and that has to count for something.


Just The Facts – Week 3

Some Sunday morning facts and figures for each matchup as we head into Sunday play of the final game of the first slate of division matchups.

The Meat Mavens (2-0) vs Bishop Sycamore (2-0)

While the Maven holds a lifetime losing record against The Commish at 11-15, he has inched considerably closer to .500 over the last few years, claiming 6 of the last 7 head to head matchups. And he has to feel good about his chances of winning this one after his fourth 2-0 start of his career (2006, 2013, 2019). After making history with his first career playoff victory last year, Ant looks to set another personal milestone this week with a win that would give him his first career 3-0 start. A hot start from DJ Moore on Thursday night has these projections neck and neck.

The Commish also comes in boasting a 2-0 record, his first such start since the 2018 season that he’d rather forget (5-0 / 7-2 start that saw him lose his last 4 and miss the postseason). He also has a bit of history on the line here, as he looks to become the first owner to reach the career 150 win mark. Some injury questions linger this week with star wideout DeAndre Hopkins edging towards a gamete decision and Odell Beckham Jr slated to play his first game in nearly a year after a torn ACL. We may see some lineup shuffling from the Commish before kickoff in this pivotal battle for the top of the West.

Jaystar Royco (1-1) vs 2 Feets In (1-1)

These teams had polar opposite week 2 games, starting with Jay who came in off of a stellar opening game performance and laid a huge dud in his week 2 loss to BJC. Jay’s 56 point performance in the loss was his 3rd worst career outing, and his 90 point margin of defeat was the worst of his 13 year career. He gets another shot at career win number 75 this week in a matchup with Jacky G, with the lifetime series between the two teams split at 6 wins a side. Although Jack has won 3 of the last 4, Jay did get the W in last year’s matchup.

Speaking of career win 75, Jack put that notch in his belt last week with a League leading 157 point performance. At 75-77-1 for his career, a win this week would push him to the precipice of a career .500 record, which only 4 League members currently possess. Jack’s performance last week was only 2 points off his career best point total of 159, which he set in week 4 of last season. The projections have Jack as a pretty big favorite this week, as Jay deals with injuries to Dalvin Cook and Jerry Jeudy and AB missing the week with covid.

The Diamond Empire (0-2) vs Brainbusters (2-0)

They say to throw out the stats when divisional foes square off, and the Diamond Empire is perfectly fine with that after its performance the first two weeks. Nick has only started 0-2 in his career one other time, and it was 10 years ago in a season that saw him finish a career worst 2-11. He has failed to reach 91 points in either of the first two games, which he has lost by a combined 120 points. He will once again seek his 75th career victory, but his opponent is maybe The League’s most feared team through the first two weeks. Perhaps the good news is that he’s won 3 of the last 4 matchups against him.

BJC comes in with his first 2-0 start since 2017 and the fourth of his career, but the point totals he’s putting up in this start are much more impressive than any other he’s previously put together. Averaging an astounding 150.5 points per game, its the best two game points stretch of Brian’s 19 year career. He’ll go for his 3rd career 3-0 start this week in matchup featuring the League’s current 1 seed vs the current 12 seed. Brian has a 7-6 career lifetime record, and he’ll look to take another strike at the hear of The Diamond Empire.

Frank The Tank (1-1) vs Ressica Jobinson (0-2)

Frank has very impressive rebound performance in Week 2 to get himself back to .500 and avoid a dreaded 0-2 start. He improved to 15 games over .500 for his career in the process and heads into a rematch of last year’s championship game on a win streak. It also gave him a career 10-9 record vs Meade, a mark he can’t quite claim against defending champ Vaf. The win was made more impressive due to the fact that Jarvis Landry left the game after just 1.4 points. He’ll have a slight projected edge in this one even without Landry, as JuJu slides into the starting lineup for the Tank.

Vaf’s title defense is off to a sputtering start, as he fell to 0-2 for just the second time in his career. The last time he was 0-2 he finished the season a career worst 4-9 in the midst of a 4 year playoff drought. Obviously Vaf is hoping to avoid a similar fate and get back on the right track this week. And at least historically, Frank has been a pretty good matchup for Vaf, as he boasts a career 9-5 record vs the Tank, winning each of the last 3 including, obviously, last year’s championship victory.

Lobster Beesc (1-1) vs So Much Honey (2-0)

Meade has been perfectly mediocre to start the year, averaging just over 100 points and sporting a 1-1 record. In fact he’s been so mediocre I can’t come up with any interesting stats about his season. He caught a break week 1 and didn’t catch a break week 2. However, he did catch another massive break this week with a mid game injury to number one overall pick CMC. Meade’s been dealing a bit in the taboo art of hoping for injuries to other’s teams this year and frankly its disgusting. Its even more disgusting that its working.

On the other end of this matchup is So Much Honey, off to an overwhelming start that’s made masseuse’s statewide rush to get extra towels. Fresh off an outstanding if controversial rendition of the National Anthem, no doubt aided by soothing his vocal chords with copious amounts of warm honey, Cody is 2-0 for the first time since 2017 and looking for the first 3-0 start of his career. His 137 and 153 point outbursts are his best back to back performances since way back in 2013, coincidentally also in weeks 1 and 2. Cody earned his first playoff berth that year, ultimately falling in The League Semis. He’ll look to repeat that trend this year, but it will take some great management these next few weeks with McCaffrey on the sidelines with a hammy injury.

Pastrami Papi (0-2) vs The Knights of Ryan (0-2)

Our only matchup of winless teams features a couple of teams who last went 0-2 in 2018 and never recovered. The good news for one of them is, they both started that year 0-5, which will be impossible this year. The bad news is one of them will have to fall to 0-3. Mark’s team has been slightly better than the record would indicate, averaging about 110 points per game but failing to reach the 120 point mark that has been a sort of win barometer over the last half decade or so. That’s a problem when both of your opponents put up 130+ obviously. His last 0-3 start ended with him going 3-10 on the season. Obviously he’s hoping for a much better outcome to this year.

For Olsen the struggles continue. He’s failed to post a winning record the last 4 years and dropping the first 2 this year brings his current losing streak to 5 games. The loss to The Commish week 1 is understandable with his opponent putting up 148 point points, but his week 2 loss was a big ball of frustration, as he lost 88-82 to Ant behind a no show Sunday night performance from Tyreek Hill. You simply can’t drop games when your opponent fails to score 90 points, and Olsen has only dropped one such game dating back to 2015. While Mark’s had his struggles, historically speaking Daddy Yankee has been a rough draw from Ry O: Mark is 11-6 in the all time series, though over the last 6 these teams are 3-3 against each other. Another fun fact: this is the 3rd year in a row they’ve been in the same division, and in each of the 3 previous years they were in the same division, they split their head to head matchups. Who will draw first blood this year?


The League 2020 Semi-Finals Preview

The League Wild Card continued to provide the excitement and drama we’ve seen throughout the regular season, kicking the 18th postseason off with a bang. And no bang was more startling or has shaken up The League as much as Anthony Barlotta, Big Tony, THE Meat Maven, finally winning his first career playoff game, stunning Marky Mark in an act of dad on dad violence to earn a date with Vaf in The League Semis.

In the 4 vs 5 matchup, we saw a good old-fashioned shootout with the defending champ managing to climb out to a sizeable lead and hold on despite Brian’s best efforts on Monday night to pull off the miracle comeback. Meade’s title defense continues on with a matchup against division rival Frank the Tank this week. Meanwhile, BJC heads home looking for answers of how he let the East slip away, which drew him into his matchup with Meade in the first place.

Lets take a quick look at how the teams who reached the Final 4 stack up:

Ant is looking to turn his first playoff win into a Cinderella run, but Vaf is the one holding the glass slipper here. On paper, there’s little doubt in this one. Vaf holds the lead in virtually all categories, whether we look at this simply from this season, career, or head to head. When Vaf gets into the playoffs, he’s reached the Championship Game an astounding 5 out of 6 times. And again, at least on paper, he’s the overwhelming favorite to make it 6 of 7.

Alvin Kamara, James Robinson, and Calvin Ridley provide Vaf with a headline group of 3 starters who typically provide Vaf with a lethal mix of safe floors and week winning potential. Then there’s guys like Robert Woods (in a plus matchup against the Jets secondary) and Lamar Jackson (in a plus matchup against the Jags) and its tough to find a weakness in Vaf’s armor for Ant to exploit.

It certainly doesn’t help matters that the two players Ant had play in the early games didn’t exactly explode, with pedestrian outings from Austin Ekeler and Robert Tonyan. Emmanuel Sanders, Wayne Gallman, and Raheem Mostert isn’t a trio that strikes fear into the heart of opponents. JuJu Smith Shuster, last week’s hero for Ant, will likely need to have another big game if Ant is to pull off the upset, and he’ll most likely need to have a big game from Russ Bus as well. Key contributions the defense and kicker positions wouldn’t hurt either.

In our other matchup, we have Frank and Meade squaring off for the third time this season. While Meade won the previous two matchups, it would be hard to take anything away from that fact. These two teams are about as close as close can be in almost every category, the complete opposite of the 1 vs 6 matchup.

Meade has gotten out to a solid start, with the trio of Aaron Rodgers, Stefon Diggs and Buffalo’s defense outdoing their cumulative projection in yesterday’s games (though Rodgers fell a bit short of his own personal projections and Meade was probably hoping for a bit more production there). Meade still has a bunch of bullets left in the chamber, like ascending rookies Brandon Aiyuk and Cam Akers, steady if unspectacular Amari Cooper, and, oh yeah, some guy by the name of Dalvin Cook.

Frank, meanwhile, has his whole stable of horse ready to run. Physical freaks DK Metcalf and Derrick Henry are always a threat to break the game wide open, David Montgomery and Marquise Brown are heating up at the right time, and Travis Kelce is the at TE is probably the biggest mismatch in fantasy football. If there is a place for Meade to make up some ground it will be with another pedestrian performance out of James Conner in Frank’s flex.

That’s it for this week’s preview. Since some people were asking, in the Anthem Bracket the Commish is squaring off with Jacky G and Jay Hey faces the Diesel. Good luck to everyone as the postseason continues.


The League 2020 Playoff Preview


Twelve embarked on this journey back in the dog days of summer, and as the seasons changed they slowly dropped from the picture as the leaves inevitably drop from the trees. They will get their chance again next year, the cycle renewed once more, yet for now they sit silent, piled up with all the other dead seasons that have come before them, cracked and withering. Yet 6 have stood the test of time, defied Mother Nature and whoever else wishes to knock them from their perch, and weathered the storm.

Father Time can not be pushed off forever. We all know this. 5 more must fall before the year is out. Getting this far is a testament to the resilience of those remaining. But only one can wear the crown.

December. Just the word brings to mind the spirit of Christmas, the crisp in air, the ever-shortening days. It’s a month that gives you beautiful 60 degree Sundays followed up by a foot of snow just days later. It’s a month that tries the souls of men, and a time for reflection on the year that was. It’s a time for closing the the book in anticipation of opening a new one, the words yet unwritten, as the calendar turns over once more.

Yet for a select few, December also marks a chance at new beginnings. A chance to strike back at those who are rushing to close the book, a chance to show that the ink is not nearly even close to dry. A chance to tell their own story. This December, as in the past 18 Decembers, 6 men have been granted that chance. The chance to pick up that pen once more, and to transcribe their names into the annals of League history where few men have gone before.

There are the overwhelming favorites, Vaf and Frank, earning a welcome week off due to their steady and consistent top of the line performances. Vaf is looking to rewrite the history books, his fourth title tantalizingly within his reach. Frank seeks to reclaim the glory of 13 years past, and to once and for all silence all doubters or baseless accusations of luck.

There is the defending champ, missing out on a bye but yet still poised and in position to strike, quietly posting one of the best seasons, looking to put the finishing touches on the rewrite of his career that has been years in the making

There is BJC, author of a title win long, author of post-season tragedy more recently, looking to erase his past mistakes and write over them with a tale of defiance, redemption, and, ultimately glory.

There is Daddy Yank, prolific author of tall tales, including fan favorites like “Algorithm Schmalgorithm”, “Boy in a Blonde Wig” and “Murder in the Fish Tank”. The works he holds most dear, however, are the stories of his two title runs, and if he has his way he can turn it into a trilogy in just a few weeks time.

And finally, there stands the Meat Maven, left for dead, but refusing to spoil or rot. The story of his postseason career, a tragic comedy, well documented. Perhaps this is the year he authors not only his first playoff win, but so much more.

There are still blank pages left in the book of 2020. But there is only one pen. Who will seize it?

Our first matchup of the 2020 postseason pits the East Champ Marky Mark against the last wild card, Big Tony.

Mark enters the matchup as perhaps the hottest team in The League, winning his last 5 games including a division deciding matchup against BJC in Week 13. He has the advantage in pretty much the entire tale of the tape, both in terms of this season and career. Now matter how its broken down, Mark seemingly has the advantage. But is there more than meats the eye?

CARONIE boasts one of the top WR duos in The League in Keenan Allen and Justin Jefferson. The Meat Mavens will be hard pressed to match their production, especially without Julio Jones. JuJu and and CeeDee have great names, but they’ll have to have more than that to make up the deficit on paper at the WR spot. At QB, the teams are fairly even, with both Josh Allen for Mark and Russ Bus for Ant providing dual-threat capabilities. Mark also seemingly has the advantage at TE and slot receiver. If there is an area for Ant to make up ground, it is on the ground. As of this writing, Mark is employing the questionable strategy of deploying two RBs from the same team in Jonathan Taylor and Hines. Ant has Ekeler returning from injury and the ascendant Wayne Gallman.

Ant seems to be up against it, but just ask Ant: in the postseason, anything can happen. Well, except for Ant getting a postseason win. That’s never happened. But there’s gotta be a first time for everything right? Right?!

A much closer matchup, at least on paper, exists in the 4 vs 5 game. While Meade has a 12 point advantage in PPG, Brian won the lone head to head matchup between the two teams and has seemingly had the golden goose on his side all year.

Meade jumped out to an early lead here in the Thursday night game, with Cam Akers providing a boost for him over Brian’s Cooper Kupp. Meade was at a disadvantage in the RB matchups coming in, with Brian’s duo of Aaron Jones and Nick Chubb posing a formidable threat. Now that Akers has gone off, Meade has evened the scales or even tipped them in his favor with Dalvin Cook waiting in the wings. Amari Cooper and Stefan Diggs get the nod at WR for Meade, while Brian has just Landry left to play. It would seem Meade has the edge there as well, and also in the QB matchup, where Brian will counter Aaron Rodgers with rookie Justin Herbert. The flex position might be Brian’s best chance to even things out a bit, where Mike Davis will go up against ascending but risky rookie WR Brandon Aiyuk for Meade.

Meade’s postseason title defense is off to a good start. But Brian has the firepower, specifically with his 3 headed RB attack, to pull off the upset.

It’s game time so I’m wrapping this up. Good luck to those playing today!