Anthony M. Barlotta

Anthony M. Barlotta, a.k.a. Big Tony or “The Meat Maven”, is one of the founding members of The League. Known League-wide for his love of Eli Manning, rookie running backs, and both cured and uncured meats, the Maven has a long and storied fantasy history, although much of it he would rather forget. Although he has accrued 17 League seasons, Big Tony has yet to secure a single playoff win, let alone a League Championship. The holder of several League records (none of which anyone actually wishes to hold), Barlotta still longs to hold Ol’ Glory in his arms and etch his name onto the List of Champions. At the 2020 League Draft, Big Tony sang the Anthem for the first time (though he had 4 last place finishes before the Anthem was instituted). The performance led to rave reviews, with one owner remarking that Barlotta has “a sweet voice”.