2021 Week 4 League Power Ratings

LPR, or League Power Rating, has been updated this season to be easier to follow and give us a better view of how our current teams stack up against not only the rest of The League but other teams in The League’s storied history. LPR measures average points per game (compared against the league average in points per game that season), ability to put up huge point totals while avoiding clunkers (high score + low score, again compared to the league average), and of course winning percentage. There are currently 182 individual seasons logged in The League’s database, and the average LPR is a nice even 100. Which is the point. So if your LPR is, say 110, that means you are 10% better than the average team not only this season, but in all season’s past. And if your LPR is 90, you’re 10% worse than the average team. The lowest LPR ever recorded is 69.6, and the highest is 141. The highest since 2007 however is 128.3. And now, on to the ratings.

  1. So Much Honey – 132.8 LPR (4-0)

Not much of a surprise at the top of the list, as our most recent Anthem singer has exploded out of the gate so fast that it caught even the quickest masseuses by surprise. Undaunted by an early CMC injury, Cody has continued to stack together wins on the backs of a Cooper Kupp and Justin Jefferson led receiving core. Another challenge awaits though as a Chris Carson injury leaves him hurting once again and hoping he didn’t blow his load too early, which would certainly put him once again in a bit of a sticky situation that a wet hand towel certainly can’t handle.

2. Brainbusters – 125.5 LPR (3-1)

After a scorching hot start, BJC got brought down to earth a bit last week, as rival Olsen handed him his first loss of the season. Still, things look promising for Brian. He has yet to put up less than 117 points in a game this season, and Derrick Henry once again has League owners questioning how they ever passed on him in the draft. A huge matchup with our next team looms this week.

3. The Meat Mavens – 125.4 LPR (4-0)

The Maven has yet to lose, but he checks in a hair under BJC in the first rankings of the year. He’ll have a chance to flip that and possibly more this week, as he looks to hand the Bri Guy his second loss in as many weeks and jump out to his first career 5-0 start. It will be tough sledding however, as he was dealt a huge blow with the loss of Russell Wilson in Thursday night’s matchup. Thankfully for him DK Metcalf didn’t seem to give a damn who was playing QB, he just continued catching TDs.

4. 2 Feets In – 109.4 LPR (2-2)

Shockingly enough, that’s the end of the teams with winning records. Jack has been up and down this season, and is also affected by the Russ Bus injury that would certainly seem to limit Tyler Lockett’s potential. But with Diggs, Keenan, and Aaron Jones, Jack has plenty of firepower to dance a 2 step with any of The League’s teams. The winless Ressica Jobinson awaits.

5. Pastrami Papi – 102.5 LPR (2-2)

After an 0-2 start and 2 name changes, Marky Mark finally seems to have hit on the winning formula. Jewish meat sweats on rye has gotten Pastrami Papi out of the cellar and right back into the thick of things with 2 straight victories, the last one over arch rival Frank. NFC East counterparts Terry McLaurin and Zeke Elliot have led the way, and Mark will keep putting out a kosher spread so long as Zeke keeps eating like this.

6. Bishop Sycamore – 102.1 (2-2)

The Commish and Pastrami seem to be on different tracks, as Marky Mark’s rise has coincided with the Commish’s fall. Losing 2 straight and failing to reach the century mark in each, Bishop Sycamore has been left searching for answers to just what’s gone wrong. DeAndre Hopkins getting over his rib injury would be a good start, but the injury to David Montgomery certainly doesn’t help matters.

7. Frank The Tank – 97.6 LPR (2-2)

After winning 2 straight to get above .500, Frank’s team curiously no showed in a big rivalry matchup with Mark in Week 4. He’s hoping his matchup with Olsen this week will prove to be a get right game, with Josh Allen and Travis Kelce poised for a good old fashioned Kansas City shootout. Maybe Mike Evans and new addition Dalton Schultz can ship in as well in the rare but always fun double TE roster setup.

8. Lobster Beesc – 97.0 LPR (2-2)

Meade has definitely flown under the radar this year but he still sits at .500 and right in the thick of things. Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams pose a blow up threat every week, and Darren Waller is as steady as it gets at TE, but he needs more consistency from the rest of the roster if he’s going to compete for more than table scraps this season.

9. The Knights of Ryan 89.1 LPR (1-3)

Olsen managed to grab a must win victory over one of The League’s early season favorites last week, avoiding the dreaded 0-4 start and gaining some momentum heading into another tough matchup with Frank the Tank. Justin Herbert is proving last year was no fluke, and Tyreek Hill got back to his explosive ways just in time to save Olsen’s season.

10. The Diamond Empire – 75.7 LPR (1-3)

Speaking of getting up off the mat, The Diamond Empire also grabbed their first win of the year last week behind a comeback game from Saquon Barkley. He’ll be missing Calvin Ridley this week, but that could just mean more work for fellow Falcons Mike Davis and Kyle Pitts as Atlanta heads over to foggy old London Town for a matchup with the Jets. Can Nick expand the Empire to Britain and enjoy some tea and crumpets at Cody’s expense (hold the honey please)?

11. Ressica Jobinson – 73.7 LPR (0-4)

Surprisingly enough, Ribby Raf does not sit in the cellar in the first Power Ratings, winless though he may be. That’s probably not much consolation though, as the defensing champ has looked rather defenseless in the early going and his season (and the Trophy) are in danger of slipping away from him.He got a much needed big game out of Robert Woods on Thursday, but he’ll need the rest of the gang including Lamar and Nick Chubb to show up if he’s going to take down Jack to grab his first win of the season.

12. Trader Jay’s – 70.6 LPR (1-3)

It would have been a bit of a shock in League circles if you had said Jay would be sitting at last in the Power Ratings after his stellar opening week showing, but here we are. Jay has dropped 3 straight and looked fairly uncompetitive doing so, failing to top 82 points in any of the outings. He’ll square off with a similarly reeling Bishop Sycamore squad this week, and AJ Brown has been given the green light, so maybe this is just the matchup Trader Jay and Dalvin Cook need to right the ship. Either way, Jay is 2 for 2 on team names this year and that has to count for something.

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